The Kelly Albums

  • MDHS has been given copies of photos taken from a set of C19th albums containing images collected by the Kelly family some 100+ years ago of inhabitants of Briagolong, Maffra, Stratford, and Dargo.
  • The photographs are all postcard sized and apparently date from 1860s to 1900, with the bulk from the 1880s. 
  • 71 photographs remain unidentified.  The possibilities are listed in detail below. 
  • Known photographers include Vize, Trood, Cornell, Bock and Glenny - all from Sale - and St Georges Hall Studio, Grouzelle & Co and Batchelder & Co from Melbourne.
  • If you think you can identify any of the persons in the photos, please contact either Philip Pope -  - or Heather Kelly - - but not the Maffra Historical Society
  • Please use the "Picture Number" to indicate which image/s you are identifying.
  • We are anxious to avoid people just guessing, so please explain why you might think your identification is correct (eg. you have a similar photo, family likeness, etc).
  • The images are reduced and adapted for the Internet; if you would like good copies of any of the posted images, or seek information about the identified photos, please contact Heather by email.
    To view the images, click here.
Heather and Philip think the following
may be represented in the photos:

Allison, Mr

Beecher, Maggie (Miss)
Beeker, Harry
Blair, A (Mr)
Blair, Mrs
Blair, John
Blair, Mr
Brien, Peter
Browne, Miss
Brun, Mr P
Butters, Alick
Butters, Sophia? (Miss)

Cahill, J (Mr & Mrs)
Carey, Ellen
Connelly, J (Mr)
Connolly, James
Connolly, Margaret
Corr, Mr
Corr, Mrs
Corr Baby
Corr Children

Dargan, James
Dingwall, J (Mr)
Dugan, Dick
Dugan, Glen
Dugan, Robert
Duthie, Edward Martin
Fieldaw, Mrs
Fitzgibbon, Mrs
Forbes, Edna
Hardy, John
Hazlett, Carrie
Hazlett, Isabella (Morrow)
Hazlett, James Nugent


Hazlett, John
Hazlett, John (Mrs)
Hazlett, Nellie
Hazlett, Rebecca (Martin)
Hosking, Mr
Hosking, Mrs

Irwin, J (Mr)

Jones, Ed
Jones, Mr & Mrs
Jones Children

Kelly, Andrew Hayes Browne
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, Sarah Elizabeth Hazel
Kelly, Ella
Kelly, JB (Mr)
Kelly, JB (Mrs)
Kelly, Jim
Kelly, Rebecca (Hazlett)
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, Thomas (Mrs)
Kelly, Vernon
Kelly, William
Kelly, William (1790-1885)
Kelly, William Edward
Kelly, Mrs W
King, Tilly
Kinley, Joe
Knipe boys
Knipe, Elsie
Knipe Mary
Knipe, Minnie

Lee, Miss
Liddelow, A (Mrs)
Liddelow, Amy (Baby)
Lotton, James
Lotton, Margaret
Lotton, Sarah
Luke, Mr
McInerney, A (Miss)
McKenrie, Annie
McKenrie, Jessie (Miss)
McSween, Angus
Meek, Mr & Mrs
Mitchell, A

O’Connor, Pat(rick)

Paton, Mrs
Pollock, Mr

Reeves, Edward
Reeves, Elizabeth (Hazlett)
Reeves, Esther
Reeves, John
Rogers, Miss

Scott, Dan
Scott, Jane (Mrs)
Sheer, Mr
Sheer, Mrs
Smyth, H (Mrs)
Stothers, Mrs
Swan, Sam
Swan, Sam (Mrs)

Taylor, William
Traille, Miss
Traille, J (Mr)
Tulloch, A (Mr)

Warren, Oliver Warriner, (boy)
Warriner, Jan
Wier, Willie
Wier, Willie (Mrs)
Wigg, Ned

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