South Africa
Nature of the Boer War
Mafeking township
Relief of Mafeking
at Mafeking

Maffra, Victoria, Australia
News of Mafeking's relief
Weekend celebrations
Mafeking Hill Park

List of servicemen 

Boer War




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Mafeking (South Africa), the Boer War (1899-1902) and Maffra's connection
[Note: this is not a history of the Boer War but an explanation of Maffra's association with it]


General background
Farwell, B. Queen Victoria’s little wars (1974)
Pakenham, T. The Boer War (London, 1999)
Australian War Memorial web site:
National Boer War Memorial Association web site: (this excellent site was not available when the MDHS
     pages were originally written, but is strongly recommended now)

Specifically Maffra
Maffra Spectator 1899 & 1900
Official registration of Mafeking Hill:

Index to the Muster Rolls of the Victorian Mounted Rifles (including the South African Detail), available at:

List of names on Bairnsdale Boer War Memorial (which covers all of Gippsland), available at:

David Schmitt, "Remembering and forgetting the Boer War; a campaign to erect a Boer War memorial in Sale", Gippsland Heritage Journal, No. 27 (Kapana Press, 2003)

Box, Allan Saddle & Spur - a photographic record of Gippsland's mounted regiments 1885-1945, (CGS Churchill 1989)
     [an invaluable resource; Chapter 2 is a must for Gippsland and the Boer War]