Glenmaggie construction
Glenmaggie weir during construction – H B Hammond image (from an album held by Maffra and District Historical Society).

More than one hundred years ago (1919), the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission began construction of what is today’s Macalister Irrigation District by building Glenmaggie Weir.

The site on the Macalister was chosen over earlier plans to build a dam on the Avon.  Originally designed to bolster the sugar beet industry, which required a reliable water supply to ensure good returns, it in fact led to a move to dairying and other industries.

The first water to the Boisdale Flats was delivered in October 1925.  It was extended into the Nambrok Denison area when the wall was extended with the addition of gates to increase capacity after World War II.

The Sugar Beet Museum (open 10 am – 1 pm on the first Sunday of each month)Includes some early construction photographs.